Cheyenne Language Bibliography: Miscellaneous Authors

(Some of the books listed here, such as those by Grinnell, Hoebel, Moore, Powell, and Schlesier, do not focus upon the language, but do list a number of Cheyenne words in them. They are considered important enough books about the Cheyennes and their words to be included here.)

Abert, Lieutenant. J.W. 1848. Report of his examination of New Mexico in the years 1846 and 1847. In Senate Executive Doc. 23, 30th Congress, 1st Session. Washington, DC. [Reprinted as Western America in 1846-1847: The Original Travel Diary of Lieutenant J.W. Abert, who mapped New Mexico for the United States Army, ed. by John Galvin. San Francisco: John Howell Books, 1966.] (Abert includes notes on Cheyennes met at Bent's Fort, with remarks on Cheyenne grammar and a vocabulary of about 150 words. From this vocabulary Latham and Gallatin identified Cheyenne as belonging to the Algonquian language family.)

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