How to type Cheyenne symbols using Keyman for Windows

Download the  Keyman installation program for Windows from
the bottom of the Keyman website. Install Keyman after it has

Start Keyman. Look for the orange and blue Keyman icon in the
system tray in the lower right of your computer screen. If you don't
see the icon, look in the hidden programs folder by clicking on the
up arrow(s).

Click on the Keyman icon. Next click on Configuration. Next click
on Download Keyboard. Then click on the Search window. Start
typing "Cheyenne". When Cheyenne shows up, click on Search. Finally,
click on the first icon that stays Install Keyboard.

Turn on the Cheyenne keyboard by clicking on the Keyman  icon
then clicking on the green Cheyenne icon. On some computers you
may have to click on a small gray keyboard icon to view the Keyman
options of using either an English or Cheyenne keyboard. This gray
icon might be in your system tray. On some computers it may be near  
the top of your screen.

You can get the "esh" mark (s with a little v over
it) by typing the ^ mark then s. To get the ^ mark hold down
your Shift key and type a 6. Then release both keys before
typing the s.

ȧ ė ȯ
You can get the dot (whisper mark) over a vowel by typing the ^ mark
(above the 6) then the vowel.

You can get an accent mark over a vowel by typing the [ symbol then
the vowel.

ā ē ō
You can get the mid pitch mark over a vowel by typing the ~ symbol then
the vowel.

You can also install a Keyman app for Android and iPhone cell phones.
There is no Cheyenne keyboard but if you select the Aleut keyboard it
can type all the Cheyenne symbols. To get the š mark, hover over the
letter "s". To get ȧ, ė, ȯ, , , and , hover over the vowel then select
the symbol you want.